Either in association with other inspection or auditing procedures or as a separate task, CalTec Staff are able to provide an extremely comprehensive inspection on dry vessels.

Our experienced staff will travel worldwide to either visit a vessel in port or to perform a ride on inspection. Typically an in port inspection can take around 1-2 days as time allows.

Our inspection and report will focus on all aspects of a vessel, including her overall condition and standards of operation over different critical aspects.

We are able to provide not only an overall commentary on condition but a comprehensive report listing defects identified, along with suggestions for any proposed corrective actions. Where required we are able to provide a focus for reporting on eventual close out of consequent ship or management company actions.

Over the years CalTec staff have provided consultancy and inspections on many different types of dry vessel, including General Cargo, RoRo, Container, Timber Carriers, Car Carriers, Heavy Lift vessels and even Yacht Carriers!