As improved maintenance regimes dictated by the ISM Code and better management systems have had their effect, ships are now in a far better condition than they have ever been.

As a result and of late it has become clear that the focus has moved from the condition of ships to the competence of the crews who operate them.

Over recent times, what has now become a significant number of incidents involving collisions or groundings have clearly indicated the need for checks on the Navigational Techniques used onboard vessels. That, in combination with the wider requirements of the TMSA programme, has resulted in CalTec Safety developing a significant capability within "Ride On" close monitoring and reporting on Company Navigation Procedures.

Such "Navigation Audits" allow an Owner to obtain a first hand, but impartial, direct observation and report on the navigation procedures actually in effect onboard its vessels, and are clearly and carefully designed to identify and hi-light any defects in onboard procedure. Best practice is also identified and reported on positively where appropriate.

Such audits concentrate on:

  • Actual condition of bridge and equipment
  • Suitability, availability and compliance with Company Navigation Policies and Procedures
  • Maintenance of Bridge Publications and Charting Systems
  • Maintenance of essential records
  • Effectiveness of command Structure and Bridge Teamwork
  • Watchkeepers' capabilities and knowledge of Company SMS
  • Observation of procedures during differing critical operations
  • Operation and condition of the GMDSS Radio Station
  • VDR reviews
  • The "Human Element"