Caltec Safety Limited is an experienced provider of onboard training. Recent industry experience has shown that vessel detentions due to perceived crew incompetence in operation of onboard fire and lifesaving equipment are becoming more commonplace, with resultant reduction of crew safety and diminished Company perception within the industry.

Our Consultants are able to ride on a vessel for a short voyage rotation, training and ensuring that crews are fully competent in the operation of their own vessel's equipment. We are also able to provide security related training and audits as well as short bespoke courses in many areas of ISM.

Many Owners wish us to provide training during the same voyage in which on onboard Safety Survey or Internal Audit it carried out, so utilising time spent onboard to best effect.

A particular advantage of the onboard training is that it can be tailored to meet client requirements and be made specific to an SMS.

For further details of training possibilities contact us utilising the contacts page.